The mission of 冰碛谷社区学院’s Center for 残疾人服务 (CDS) is to serve students with documented disabilities who require our services. Our purpose is to ensure equal access to students with disabilities to all college 程序s and to promote student independence and self-advocacy. 为了实现这个目标, we provide reasonable and appropriate services and accommodations to otherwise qualified students. 我们还为学院的所有成员提供支持和教育, 这样才能形成一种意识和相互尊重的环境.


  • 作为教职员工与残疾学生之间的联络人.
  • Coordinate the process for providing accommodations to self-identified individuals with a documented 残疾.
  • Advise and counsel students with disabilities on personal, academic and career issues.
  • 为教师提供资源, 工作人员, and administrators on ADA and other compliance issues as they relate to students with disabilities.

如欲联络CDS职员,请电邮至 残疾 或致电(708)974-5711. We offer telephone, video conferencing, and in-person services by appointment. Please provide your name and phone number in your email or voicemail and a 工作人员 member will respond as soon as possible.

Students who wish to start receiving accommodations and services for a 残疾 or disabilities while at Moraine are required to self-identify with the Center for 残疾人服务 (CDS) to get registered.

In order to receive accommodations, students must complete the following process:

  1. 学生必须填写一份 住宿申请表格, submit supporting documentation, and schedule an intake meeting with a CDS 工作人员 member. 如果学生不确定什么证明文件是可以接受的, 请参阅“文档指南”选项卡.
  2. After the student has submitted all necessary materials and met with a 工作人员 member, CDS 工作人员 will review the information shared and determine the accommodations that can be approved.
  3. The student is then contacted by the CDS to confirm their approved accommodations and an accommodation letter is provided.
  4. The student is then registered with the CDS and can begin using accommodations when they are ready.

Students can update or revise their accommodation letter at any time by completing another 住宿申请表格 and scheduling a meeting with a CDS 工作人员 member. 

The Center for 残疾人服务 (CDS) uses supporting documentation to help determine a student's eligibility for services and to identify reasonable accommodations at 冰碛谷社区学院. 

Appropriate documentation can take many forms and students should contact a CDS 工作人员 member if they have any questions.  Some examples of documentation include assessments, reports, forms or letters 由合资格的专业人员完成

合格的专业人员可以是医生, 治疗师, evaluators or other healthcare providers who are licensed and who have experience diagnosing or treating the condition or 残疾.  来自以前学校的信息(例如IEP), 504年计划, or accommodation letter from another institution) could also help CDS with the determination.


  • 诊断出的残疾或残疾的陈述
  • A description of the functional impact of the 残疾 (including medication side-effects if applicable) in an academic setting
  • 残疾是永久性的还是暂时性的
  • 对MVCC的住宿有什么建议吗
  • 合格专业人员的签名和证书

学生可以亲自、邮寄或电子邮件提交文件. 文件也可以传真到708-974-8711.

冰碛谷社区学院 complies with the following federal laws to help ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to college 程序s and services:

“No otherwise qualified individual with a 残疾 in the United States…shall, 仅仅因为他或她的残疾, 被排除在参与之外, 被剥夺…的利益, or be subjected to discrimination under any 程序 or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

“以本标题的规定为准, 任何合格的残疾人不得, 由于这种残疾, 被排除在服务的参与之外或被剥夺服务的利益, 程序, 或公共实体的活动, 或者受到这样一个实体的歧视.”

冰碛谷社区学院 is committed to the spirit and the letter of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. 我们承认所有员工的责任, 教师, 并坚持学生平等获得机会的理念.

The law defines a person with a 残疾 as someone who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. The definition further indicates that you are a “person with a 残疾” and entitled to protection from discrimination if you have a 残疾, 如果你有残疾史, 或者如果你被认为有残疾.

An “otherwise qualified” disabled individual is defined as one who with an auxiliary aid (e.g.(如录音机、磁带文本记录器、笔记记录器)或合理安排(如.g., 测试普氏, 延长测试时间, sign language interpreter) can meet the academic requirements that an institution can demonstrate essential to its education 程序.


Use this form 或致电(708)974-5711; TTY: (708) 974-9556; Fax: (708) 974-8711

  • 该字段用于验证目的,应该保持不变.